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Clinical Psychology

Ed. Dev.

Psychological Assessment



Relationary is an integrated team of clinicians that offer highly professional and ethical mental health therapy using the best evidence-based services for local Malaysians and expats. We provide treatment for individuals, couples, and families, ranging from young children to the elderly. We also offer the same services online.

We believe in a systemic approach to mental health care. This approach is based on evidence-based research on mental health that is influenced by a variety of interrelated factors such as life choices, environment, culture, upbringing, genetic makeup and relationships. Our treatment plans are collaborative and multidisciplinary, taking in account the uniqueness of each individual’s journey and the stories that make up their lives. We work together with our patients to ensure they are balanced cognitively, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our multidisciplinary team of practitioners are collaborative and bring different mental health expertise from coaching, counseling, clinical psychology, and psychological assessments. We are passionate and experienced in providing support for our clients’ in an integrated manner to tailor a holistic treatment plan to address their issues and assist them achieve their goals comfortably and effectively.

Reaching For Help is a Strength!