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It is estimated that mental health issues in the workplace cost businesses a total of RM 14.46 billion in 2018 or 1% of Malaysia’s GDP. This cost is frequently borne by employees in the form of absenteeism, presenteeism, or turnover due to mental health issues.

While there are numerous training providers offering services such as team building and workshops, there are few options for a one-stop solution that offers individual, group, departmental, and organizational-wide initiatives to improve employees’ mental health, motivation, and productivity.

Relationary provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of organizations in today’s fast-changing workplace. We are a team of scientists and practitioners who have been trained in the scientist-practitioner model for understanding, assessing, and implementing change in human cognition, behavior, and emotion.

Some organizations include EAP programs in their health benefits packages. Our clients, under the EAP Program, are provided with free, direct access to these services under an organization’s customized EAP plan; can save substantial cost in terms of reduction of recruitment cost, retraining cost, medical cost, and absenteeism

We are here to help you address the psychological needs of your organization’s human capital.