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Continuing Education Certificates will be given after each level.

Participants will study, explore, ponder, and EXPERIENCE the following:

  • Basic Jungian Psychodynamic Theory and its application to sand tray therapy. Although skills can be applied to any theoretical orientation.
  • The “authentic” history of sand tray therapy.
  • How to incorporate concepts of sand tray therapy into your work when you don’t have a sand tray studio.
  • How to build a sand tray studio on a limited budget.
  • How to identify themes and patterns within sand trays.
  • How to facilitate the client (child, teen, or adult) in his storytelling.
  • Using inner and outer witnessing techniques and facilitative questioning.
  • Identifying Archetypes and their meanings in the tray.
  • Incorporating Gestalt Techniques (Role Play/creative dramatics).
  • Detecting the emotional age of the tray, conscious and unconscious elements, and genre of the tray.
  • Demonstrations with real children and adult clients.
    And much more…