Clinical Psychology Intern 


Amalina is currently is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (major) and Islamic Revealed Knowledge (minor) from the same university. She worked collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team in the Department of Psychiatry at IIUM Medical Center in her first external internship with extensive exposure to a range of cases, focusing on helping adolescents and early adults with depression and anxiety. Amalina also has an interest and experience integrating Islamic approaches in her intervention. Amalina is a very empathic clinical psychology trainee who is dedicated to serve her clients. She is a creative professional who tries her best to put her clients as a priority. Some of her specialized areas include: children with learning disabilities (dyslexia) and ADHD, exposure therapy for anxiety, expressive art therapy, self-esteem, and group therapy. She is very interested in parenting issues. She believes each and every person is unique and is best helped with a personalized approach. Psychology has also taught her on the ‘power’ of second chances. The past is there not to be lamented with guilt, yet it acts as a teacher to build a positive future. Happiness is something created, not waited for.


English and Bahasa Malaysia