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Ammar (Mark) Abuzahra
Registered Counselor @ LKM S-19; Couples and Relationships Specialist, Sex Therapist




Also known as Mark, Ammar's specialty lies in providing comprehensive assessments that look at all aspects of a person's life, including their physical health, emotional wellbeing, and relationship satisfaction. He uses a combination of standardized questionnaires, interviews, and clinical observations to gain a holistic understanding of his clients' needs. In his work with couples, Ammar focuses on enhancing communication and intimacy, building trust, and improving sexual satisfaction. He helps couples rediscover the joy of connection. With evidence-based therapies like attachment-focused techniques, emotion-focused therapy (EFT/EFiT), and mindfulness interventions, he guides couples toward lasting harmony and fulfillment.


As a dynamic and experienced professional, he serves a diverse range of clients, including individuals, couples, families, organizations, and communities. His expertise as a professional executive coach and counselor enables him to make a positive impact by assisting clients in uncovering the root causes of their current challenges. He helps them define who they aspire to be and guides them toward a journey of healing, personal growth, and self-actualization. With a broad scope of expertise, he supports clients dealing with various mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, grief, PTSD, addiction, life transitions, and other mood-related concerns.


Senior Couple Counselor; Senior Professional Coach; Senior Professional Trainer; Supervisor for Counseling Trainees


Meet Ammar (Mark), he is often addressed as "Mark" when introducing himself due to the phonetic similarity of "Am Mark." A highly experienced and licensed senior counselor specializing in couples and sex therapy. With over 6 years of experience in the field, he has helped many individuals, couples, and families overcome a wide range of relationship issues. He received his Master's degree in Professional Counseling and completed his post-degree training under and was supervised by highly experienced senior psychologists in this field. He is also a licensed therapist in Malaysia and has certifications in Biopsychosocial and Relationship Therapy. He is well-known for his ability to provide a comprehensive assessment of relationships, which helps him identify the underlying issues that may be affecting couples. He uses a combination of cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and attachment-based approaches to therapy to help couples grow closer and improve their relationship, with the option to integrate sex therapy if needed. He is an American citizen based in Malaysia since 2006 and has worked closely with leadership and cross-functional teams at multinational companies and NGOs across the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific region, and internationally. He has 20+ years of international experience building local and global teams and end-to-end project management solutions. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to work with couples who are facing serious challenges/conflicts in their relationship, who have experienced physical, emotional, and/or digital infidelity, or who are considering divorce. He is highly skilled in helping couples navigate these challenging situations and find a way forward, whether that means rebuilding trust, improving communication, or exploring new ways to connect. In his work with couples, he takes a holistic approach, looking at the biological, psychological, and social factors that may be impacting their relationship. He uses this information to develop personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each couple's unique needs. He is a warm and compassionate therapist who is committed to helping his clients achieve their goals. He believes that every individual and couple has the potential for growth and healing, and he is dedicated to helping them unlock that potential through therapy.


Masters in Counseling Psychology, Emotional Focused Therapist and Emotional Focused Individual Therapist, Sex Therapist, Divorce Counseling (Pre and post-divorce therapy), Family Systemic Therapy, Discernment Counselor, Trained by Gottman Institute (USA), Provides Numerus Psychological Treatment Training Programs, Provides Numerous People Development Training Programs, Sandtray Play Therapy