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All psychological services begin with an assessment.

During the initial consultation, your psychologist will determine the nature of your presenting issues. This includes inquiring about symptoms related to your mental health. An assessment of the extent to which it affects your daily life is also made.

Following that, your psychologist will spend time getting to know you. This information could include details about your childhood, family and social relationships, educational and employment history, and physical health. The reason for doing so is to gain a thorough understanding of the factors that may be contributing to your concerns. This could also help you identify personal strengths that you can use to improve your mental health.
Your psychologist will be able to offer advice on your mental health concerns by the end of the consultation. You will then work with the professional to develop treatment goals for the issues you are dealing with. Then, if you have any questions, your psychologist will be able to answer them.

Recommendations for additional evaluation will be provided if necessary.