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We would be delighted to sit with you to help you decide on what would best options that would fit your current needs, be it at Relatioanry or elsewhere.  Follow the simple steps below to book your consultation session to enable us to have an effective consultation session.

The consultation session will enable you to have a professional opinion from one of our professional psychologist at a flat-rate. The psychologist you choose below will be able to assist you understand the possible causes of your presenting conditions and will offer you possible options on what can be done to meet your current needs.

The psychologist’s feedback in the consultation is not a diagnosis, nevertheless it is based on the initial assessment from the Consultation Form that we received from you. The psychologist’s feedback may also include explanations of possible causes of your presenting conditions as well as offering you some possible services that we offer at Relatioanry (even if it were offered by other centers) as needed, depending on your needs and the initial findings.

Kindly note, individual consultation starts at 30 minutes and consultations on couples, child, and/or family matters start at 60 minutes.

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We recognize that in today’s economy, psychologists’ fees may be a hardship. For this reason, we provide flat rates for consultations as well as different types of services that may work within your budget to address your needs. Such options can be discussed during your consult.

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