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As you continue your professional journey, there areas do you need to grow. The workshops is intended to improve your multifaceted soft skills which includes, relationship building skills, time management skills, communication skills, coaching and mentoring, management and leadership abilities.

This workshop is intended to enable you to start your professional journey and develop skills that are immensely valuable, especially as your career progresses.

Our trainers represent different mental health professions–counselors, psychologists, and marriage & family therapists. We bring our different specialties together to enable participants to develop practical skills to help them excel in their professional life.


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In recent years as the tech boom continues to explode, Seattle is attracting more and more job seekers with strong foundations in computer science, engineering, IT, data analytics, and other technology related hard skills. These skills can get you in the door, but in order to continue to advance in your career, it is important to develop your soft skills as well. According to a CareerBuilder survey, an overwhelming majority of companies say soft skills are just as important as hard skills This workshop aims to equip you with skills in:

  • Assess their leadership behavior and develop a leadership style according to your team.
  • Know how to conduct meaningful and effective coaching conversations.
  • Know how they may become more confident and proactive Managers and Leaders.
  • To assist you in identifying improvement opportunities, as well as, how to manage time for optimal performance and results.
  • Explore strategies for building trust and strengthening relationships through effective questioning and listening.



of employers

Said that soft skills are either an “essential” or “very important” factor in hiring decisions.


of U.S. hiring managers

 Believe it’s difficult to find candidates with soft skills.


of Employers

Agreed that soft skills impacted their employees’ job performance.

Our Approach


Discover and understand the underlying factors that cause imbalances between the body, mind, heart, and soul.


Hands-on engagement to enable self-awareness, goal-setting, building a strategy for recovery, and taking action.


Develop self-generating positive ablities that can be used now and in the future to maintain addiction-free and happiness.

In 2016, Wonderlic conducted a nationwide survey of more than 750 employers across all types of industries to evaluate the importance of soft skills. Survey results were decisive, issuing a clear message to educators and students: soft skills are important and most entry-level employees don’t have them!

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Soft Skills Workshop • Kuala Lumpur, MYS

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XXXXDAY—XX 00, 2019


This Assertiveness workshop will help you to develop the ability to make clear what you think, feel and want in order to get closer to your goals, while respecting the other.

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