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Manage Lives with Divorce/Separation

A talk on effectively managing life post-divorce or separation, addressing potential challenges and offering guidance on maintaining positive relationships, personal healing, and effective co-parenting.

Develop Coping Skills

A crucial session that focuses on building resilience in the face of relationship challenges, attendees will learn how to recognize their emotional responses and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Divorce or Separation Mediation

A talk that outlines the process of divorce or separation mediation, providing insights into potential challenges during this difficult time, and offering guidance on how to navigate this process with respect and fairness.

Improve Our Sex and Intimacy

This talk addresses potential obstacles to physical connection and intimacy, offering guidance and strategies to improve communication about sexual needs and maintain a healthy, satisfying sexual relationship.

Discuss Issues Around Raising Kids

A comprehensive discussion on co-parenting, addressing potential disagreements and offering strategies to foster a healthy, supportive environment for children.

Love My Partner Again

An empathetic talk focused on rediscovering love amidst challenges, this session will offer guidance on overcoming obstacles that hinder affection and nurturing a deeper love for your partner.