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Counseling is a method for addressing mental health concerns through successive consultation meetings, alternatively called therapy or psychological treatment. Counseling starts following the initial consultation and evaluation (click here to learn about assessments).

You and your therapist will work effectively on your presentation during counselling sessions with:

  • Defining clear objectives to be achieved through the sessions.
  • Sensitization of the issues and how to address them effectively.
  • Learn new and useful competencies in the management of your mind.
  • To develop alternative and helpful practices in daily life in order to deal effectively with your problems.
  • Understand your mental health function by biological, psychological and social factors
  • Encouraging a positive and reliable working relationship between therapist and customer.
  • Sessions can be designed in a variety of ways to meet your requirements: either to reduce your symptoms within a short period of time, address long-term issues and/or learn to improve things that matter, along with your overall quality of life.

Our members of our team practise evidence-based. As such, your therapist will only promote, facilitate, teach and/or offer advice that is effective in dealing with the best available research.