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October 15, 2022

Discernment Counseling: A Beacon of Hope

Life is filled with decisions, and one of the most pivotal ones revolves around relationships. In the journey of love, sometimes the path becomes foggy. Discernment counseling acts as the lighthouse, guiding couples through murky waters and leading them towards the shores of clarity and understanding.

What is Discernment Counseling?


Discernment counseling is a transformative counseling approach that assists couples in gaining deeper insights into their relationship. Rather than focusing solely on the challenges, it celebrates the union’s strengths, helping partners rediscover what brought them together in the first place.


This counseling is all about empowerment. It aims to equip couples with the understanding and tools they need to make the best decisions for their relationship’s future, whether that’s rekindling the romance, parting on good terms, or maintaining the current status.

The Process of Discernment Counseling

Initial Meeting

Every journey starts with a single step. In discernment counseling, this step is the initial joint session. Here, the counselor acquaints themselves with the love story, understanding its highs, lows, and everything in between.

Following Sessions

Following the initial session, the counselor will set a few sessions, as needed, for the couple. These sessions can be individual sessions and/or joint sessions as discussed with the counselor.  This provides a private space for each person to express their feelings, fears, and hopes without the pressure of their partner’s presence. During these sessions, the counselor aids to build a deeper understanding and guiding toward clarity. The couple can then decide on the next steps, whether it’s continuing the relationship, parting ways, or seeking couples therapy.  These sessions are a celebration of the relationship. The counselor shares insights, and together, the couple charts out the best path forward.

Benefits of Discernment Counseling

Clarity in Decision-making

Think of discernment counseling as a compass, always pointing towards clarity. It ensures that every decision made is well-informed and rooted in understanding.

Strengthening Bonds

One of the most beautiful outcomes is the rekindling of bonds. Couples often rediscover the spark that initially ignited their love.

Personal Growth

Beyond the relationship, this counseling offers a treasure trove of personal insights, enabling individuals to grow and evolve.

Who is it for?

Mixed-Agenda Couples

It’s the perfect bridge for mixed-agenda couples. When one partner is leaning toward rejuvenation and the other towards change, discernment counseling provides the neutral ground to voice feelings and concerns.

Possible Outcomes from Discernment Counseling

Strengthening the Relationship

Many couples emerge with a renewed commitment to their love, ready to face challenges together.

Taking a Separate Path

Sometimes, the best decision is to part ways, but with mutual respect and understanding.

Keeping the Status Quo

For some, the best outcome is to maintain the current dynamics, cherishing the moments while staying open to future possibilities.

Differences from Traditional Marriage Counseling


While traditional marriage counseling revolves around mending issues, discernment counseling celebrates the relationship’s strengths and focuses on decision-making.


The beauty of discernment counseling lies in its brevity. Its impact is felt in just a few sessions, compared to the prolonged timeline of traditional couple counseling.


Every relationship is a unique tapestry of memories, emotions, and dreams. Discernment counseling respects this uniqueness, guiding couples towards the best outcomes. So, if you’re standing at a crossroads, remember that with the right guidance, the journey ahead can be beautiful and fulfilling.


  1. Is discernment counseling like couples therapy?
    • No, while couples therapy mends issues, discernment counseling offers clarity and celebrates strengths.
  2. How long does the counseling process last?
    • It’s short and impactful, often spanning just a few sessions.
  3. Does discernment counseling guarantee relationship rejuvenation?
    • It offers clarity and understanding, leading to the best decisions. Rejuvenation is one of the possible outcomes.
  4. What if only one partner is willing?
    • While ideal for both partners to participate, individual sessions can still offer tremendous insights.
  5. How do I know if it’s right for me?
    • If you’re seeking clarity, understanding, and a celebration of your relationship, discernment counseling might be your beacon of hope.

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