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Grit To Quit

Addiction Cessation For Better Life Sensation

Grit To Quit Workshop helps you learn about your addictions and how to get your life back.

This workshop is intended to enable you to start your journey to quit and to build a strong support system among those who are experiencing similar struggles.

Our trainers represent different mental health professions–counselors, psychologists, and marriage & family therapists. We bring our different specialties together to enable participants to develop practical skills to help them ward off addictions effectively in an integrated and holistic manner.

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In addition to substance addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, etc., behavioral addictions are also directly connected to the “rush” or “high” one experiences when engaging in a particular behavior.  Some activities that can become the subject of behavioral addiction are shopping, gambling, gaming, internet usage, sex/pornography, cutting, eating, etc. This workshop aims to equip you with skills in:

  • Recognizing the ways addiction is impacting you
  • Introducing how people change effectively
  • Introducing effective approaches in quitting an addiction
  • Raise self-awareness and uncovering your inner strengths in combating addiction
  • Preparations to take on the journey


million people

Suffer from alcohol use disorder

billion people

Smoke tobacco products


Time spent on PornHub in 2016

Our Approach


Discover and understand the underlying factors that cause imbalances between the body, mind, heart, and soul.


Hands-on engagement to enable self-awareness, goal-setting, building a strategy for recovery, and taking action.


Develop self-generating positive ablities that can be used now and in the future to maintain addiction-free and happiness.


Countries around the world have tried hard to control if not eradicate various addictions in their societies. Although millions have freed themselves from the slavery of their base instincts, millions more continue to fall into this abyss. The number of addicted individuals, both in real terms and as a percentage of the total population, has skyrocketed in recent times.

Upcoming Events

Saturday—Aug 03, 2019

Grit to Quit • Kuala Lumpur, MYS

Register now and take the first step to forge your future and attain true happiness by letting go all of the constraints of addictions as well as all the bad feelings that are caused by it.

Saturday—Aug 17, 2019

Follow Up—Optional • Kuala Lumpur, MYS

This follow up workshop is offered as an option for those who want to share their experience and continue improve. Early bird registration for the Grit to Quit Workshop will get a 20% discount on this Follow Up.

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According to Studies

Million People Are Addicted To The Internet


Women Are Addicted To The Internet

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