It is okay to lose some battles, it is okay to feel lost, and it’s okay not to be alright. There ibuty in the struggle and that is what makes us human. So you are a beautiful human.
It would be of my deepest joy to help ease your walk through life and assist you in your current battle as well as equip you with the tools to face later demons that may occur along the way.

I obtained my Bachelors of Psychology from IIUM in 2016. After which I have been trained then registered as an assistant clinical psychologist by SCFHS in 2017. Also I have attained a mental first aid certification. Moreover, in collaboration with an NGO abroad I had the honor to facilitate psycho-social workshops with Syrian refugees which focused on resilience, self-esteem and hope building as well as psycho-education on mental health. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Professional Counseling in the University of Monash.