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Complimentary Talks

We aim to extend this opportunity to all, to delve into diverse practices and perspectives in Asian couplehood, thereby enhancing our collective knowledge of love and partnership. Join us as we share and learn, celebrating the rich tapestry of shared human experiences in marriage and relationships.

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About Talk Hub

“Talk Hub” is a dynamic and engaging platform dedicated to fostering community growth and connection through meaningful dialogue and learning. We traverse diverse topics, offering tailored discussions and talks that cater to the interests and needs of the local community. Rooted in the belief that knowledge is transformative, we aim to illuminate, educate, and inspire by delivering valuable insights directly to your community.

At “Talk Hub”, we believe that the power to enrich relationships, enhance understanding, and build strong community ties lies in open and honest conversations. From understanding the intricacies of personal relationships to exploring ways to maintain harmony within our diverse communities, “Talk Hub” serves as your local wellspring of knowledge and shared experiences. We’re not just a series of talks; we’re a community-driven initiative sparking change one conversation at a time. Join us at “Talk Hub”, and let’s cultivate a more enlightened, cohesive community together.



Topics to Choose From

Manage Lives with Divorce/Separation

A talk on effectively managing life post-divorce or separation, addressing potential challenges and offering guidance on maintaining positive relationships, personal healing, and effective co-parenting.

Develop Coping Skills

A crucial session that focuses on building resilience in the face of relationship challenges, attendees will learn how to recognize their emotional responses and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Divorce or Separation Mediation

A talk that outlines the process of divorce or separation mediation, providing insights into potential challenges during this difficult time, and offering guidance on how to navigate this process with respect and fairness.

Improve Our Sex and Intimacy

This talk addresses potential obstacles to physical connection and intimacy, offering guidance and strategies to improve communication about sexual needs and maintain a healthy, satisfying sexual relationship.

Love My Partner Again

An empathetic talk focused on rediscovering love amidst challenges, this session will offer guidance on overcoming obstacles that hinder affection and nurturing a deeper love for your partner.

Win Back My Partner’s Love

This session will guide attendees on the journey to rekindling love and passion by addressing potential barriers and providing practical strategies to reconnect and reignite romance.

Stop Hurting Each Other

An impactful talk that highlights toxic behaviors and patterns that can cause harm in relationships. Participants will learn how to replace destructive habits with positive interactions.

Learn “Good” Ways to Fight

A transformative session that reframes “fights” as opportunities for growth, providing strategies to navigate disagreements respectfully and constructively.

Prevent Separation or Divorce

A talk aimed at identifying and addressing core issues that could lead to separation or divorce. Participants will learn strategies to foster resilience and stability within their relationships.

Reduce Tension

A session addressing common causes of tension in relationships and offering tools and techniques to alleviate stress, ultimately fostering a more peaceful, harmonious coexistence.

Get to a More Fair Workload

This discussion will focus on addressing imbalances in shared responsibilities within the relationship, offering strategies to negotiate a fairer distribution of tasks.

Understand My Partner Better

A talk that emphasizes empathetic understanding of your partner’s perspective and feelings. Participants will be guided to identify potential barriers to understanding and how to overcome them, enhancing their emotional connection.

Understand Myself Better

A session to encourage introspection, identify personal challenges and behaviors that may hinder relationships, and develop a better understanding of oneself. Attendees will learn techniques to improve self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Overcome Infidelity

This talk will delve into the aftermath of an affair, addressing the reasons behind infidelity and how to work towards rebuilding trust and possibly restoring the relationship. Attendees will understand the path to forgiveness and healing.

Resolve Conflicts and Disagreement

A comprehensive session addressing common causes of conflict and providing effective solutions to navigate through disagreements. Attendees will walk away with a toolkit of conflict resolution strategies.

Should We Separate?

An explorative dialogue aimed at addressing the root causes of relationship dissatisfaction and assessing the possibility of separation. Attendees will gain insights into evaluating their relationship’s health, considering all the factors contributing to strife.

Improve Communication

This talk focuses on enhancing the quality of communication between partners. Attendees will gain insights into potential communication barriers and how to effectively overcome them, fostering greater understanding and dialogue within the relationship.

Talk Hub Schedule

We Strive to Have a Talk Every Week, One Community at a Time

Suggested Duration of 2 Hours

40 minutes talk, and 1:00 hour for Q&A, and 20 minutes for closing.


Ammar (Mark) Abuzahra

Ammar (Mark) Abuzahra

Meet Ammar (Mark), he is often addressed as “Mark” when introducing himself due to the phonetic similarity of “Am Mark.” A highly experienced and licensed senior counselor specializing in couples and sex therapy. With over 6 years of experience in the field, he has helped many couples, and families…

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