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Ammar Abuzahra
Registered Counselor @ LKM S-19, Certified Professional Coach (CPC), PMP
(Speaks English)

My Background

Ammar Abuzahra is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the Head of Programs and Services at Relationary Sdn Bhd and the NGO, Wellbeing Research and Development (WoRD). Ammar has 20+ years of international leadership experience in corporate, coaching, and mental health service contexts. He is an American based in Malaysia for the last 12 years working closely with leadership and cross-functional teams at multinational companies and NGOs across the US, Asia-Pacific region, and internationally. He has 20+ years of experience managing multi Million USD annual budgets along with international experience building local, global teams and end-to-end project management solutions. He obtained post-graduate certification in Project Management as well as a Masters degree in Wireless Communication and a Masters degree in Professional Counseling.

My Role(s)

Life Coach, Career Coach, Managemnt Coach, Senior Counseling Psychologist

My Specialty

Individual, couples, and family therapy with conditions related to relationships, loneliness, bad habits, trauma, couples conflicts, career development, in addition to mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, anger, etc.

My Approach

As a dynamic professional and a professional executive coach and counselor, he serves individuals, couples, families, organizations and communities to positively impact them by helping clients find a deeper awareness of who they are, who they want to become, and how to propel onto a path of healing, growth, and actualization. He helps clients with a wide variety of mental health concerns including: depression, anxiety, bipolar, grief, PTSD, addiction, life transitions, and other mood concerns.

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