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Senior Clinical Psychologist
Senior Psychologist (Educational / Developmental)




Before coming to Malaysia, Dr. Diana spent 25 years as a public school teacher, curriculum specialist, school counselor, school psychologist and diagnostician, foster and adoption specialist and probation counselor for juvenile offenders in New Orleans, Louisiana and Houston, Texas. Diana has lived and worked in Malaysia since 2007. She is an associate professor and research supervisor at the University Malaya. 

Dr. Diana sees clients from birth to old age. Many forms of therapy are incorporated into her practice along with verbal therapy, such as play, dance and movement, art, creative journaling, and sand tray. This is all dependent upon the needs and desires of the individual client.

Because any individual’s present life is the sum of his past experiences from the time of conception, Dr. Diana’s therapeutic modality is grounded in Psychodynamic theory, Jungian analysis, object relations and attachment theory and transpersonal psychology. Diana also believes that all human issues are systemic; hence, Diana believes that parents and significant family members need to be involved in the therapeutic process in order for therapy to be successful, especially when working with children and teenagers.

Dr. Diana holds two doctoral degrees. Her first doctoral degree was an Ed. D. from California Coast University in Santa Ana, California. Her specialization was expressive arts therapy for inner-city, low socio-economic youth. Her second doctoral degree was a Psy. D. in clinical psychology from California Southern University in Mesa, California. Her specialization was in infant, child and adolescent psychiatric disorders. Diana also holds two Master’s degrees. Her first master’s was in school counseling from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her second master’s was in transpersonal psychology from the Graduate Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto,

Dr. Diana holds additional certifications and qualifications in play therapy, expressive arts therapy, sand tray therapy, dance and movement therapy, dream analysis, child and family advocacy, adoption and foster care filial play therapy interfaith spiritual counseling, criminal forensics, and supervision of mental health practitioners. Currently, she is working on certification in infant observation and bonding form the International Psychotherapy Institute, in Chevy Chase, Maryland.