We run a number of training programs – both short courses and intensive 5-day modules – which are tailor-made to account for your needs as well as the needs of your organization. We will discuss with you what your objectives are – for example, improvements in areas such as efficiency, internal communication, motivation, leadership, senior management development – and develop programs according to these objectives, taking into account time and budget availability.

Grit To Quit

By Relationary Grit To Quit Addiction Cessation For Better Life SensationGrit To Quit Workshop helps you learn about your addictions and how to get your life back. This workshop is intended to enable you to start your journey to quit and to build a strong support...

Assertive Communication

Assertiveness is the ability to make clear what you think, feel and want in order to get closer to your goals, while respecting the other. In this practice-oriented course, you will learn how to defend your own interests and needs in an assertive way.

Career Advancement Workshop

By Relationary Accelerate¬†Your Future  As you continue your professional journey, there areas do you need to grow. The workshops is intended to improve your¬†multifaceted soft skills which includes,¬†relationship building skills, time management skills,...

Family Enterprise Training

Who will lead the family and/or the firm into the next generation? How to disentangle personal and business relationships? Should long-term investment take precedence over short-term dividends?About the courseRecent research indicates that most families that achieve...


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